Terms and Conditions

I can guarantee that you are in a 100% safe space, therefore, complying with the duty of information contained in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce , then it is stated:


The services provided by the person in charge of the website are the following:

1.1 Access and / or use of this website attributes the condition of user, who accepts, from said access and / or use, these terms of use, however, by the mere use of the website does not mean the start of any labor / commercial relationship.


The website from now on (vendomisnegocios.com) provides tools to publish video game account advertisements as well as other services related to online video games such as articles and video game coins or also the possibility for users to offer their services to increase the levels of the characters of an online video game. Likewise, users also have the possibility of selling physical products such as components for PCs or game consoles. VendomisNegocios in no case intervenes in the transactions carried out by the users of the aforementioned content. The user assumes responsibility for the use of the website or our app for mobile devices.

The user agrees to make appropriate use of the content offered by this website and, by way of example but not limited to, not to use them to:

(a) engaging in illicit, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order activities;

(b) disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal nature, advocating terrorism or violating human rights;

(c) cause damage to the physical and logical systems of the website, its suppliers or third parties, introduce or spread computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are likely to cause the aforementioned damage;

vendomisnegocios.com reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that violate respect for the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that threaten youth or childhood, order or public safety or that, in his opinion, are not suitable for publication.

In any case, vendomisnegocios.com will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through their comments or other participation tools that may be created, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.

1.2.1 information capture

Data collection

- Contact form, where the USER must fill in the email field, username and location.
- Sales form, the USER filling in the necessary fields to publish their ad.
- Tracking cookies, in accordance with the rules established in our cookie policy
- Navigation and IP Address: When browsing this website, the user automatically provides the web server with information regarding your IP address, date and time of access, the hyperlink that has been forwarded to them, your operating system and the browser used.

In any case, vendomisnegocios.com reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the website, such as this legal notice.


vendomisnegocios.com by itself or as an assignee, is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of its website, as well as the elements contained therein (by way of example, software, brands or logos, color combinations, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, etc.), owned by vendomisnegocios.com or its licensors. All rights reserved.

Any use not previously authorized by vendomisnegocios.com will be considered a serious breach of the author's intellectual or industrial property rights.


vendomisnegocios.com is not responsible, in any case, for damages of any kind that may be caused, by way of example: due to errors or omissions in the content of the advertisements by the user who publishes the offer, fraud between users for the breach of what is mentioned in an announcement by one of the two parties. due to lack of availability of the website, which will make periodic stops for technical maintenance as well as for the transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programs in the contents, despite having adopted all the necessary technological measures to avoid it. vendomisnegocios.com does not sell any content, therefore it will not be held responsible in any type of economic or other transaction in which the buyer or seller has been the victim of fraud.


vendomisnegocios.com reserves the right to make the modifications it deems appropriate on its website without prior notice, being able to change, delete or add both the content and services provided through it and the way in which they are presented or located on your website.


The persons or entities that intend to make or make a hyperlink from a web page of another Internet portal to the vendomisnegocios.com website must submit to the following conditions:

- No deep-links or IMG or image links, or frames with the vendomisnegocios.com website will be established without your express prior authorization.

- No false, inaccurate or incorrect manifestation will be established on the vendomisnegocios.com website, nor on its services or contents. Except for those signs that are part of the hyperlink, the web page on which it is established will not contain any brand, commercial name, establishment label, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to vendomisnegocios.com, unless expressly authorized by it.

- The establishment of the hyperlink will not imply the existence of relations between vendomisnegocios.com and the owner of the website or portal from which it is made, nor the knowledge and acceptance of vendomisnegocios.com of the services and content offered on said website or portal.

- vendomisnegocios.com will not be responsible for the content or services made available to the public on the website or portal from which the hyperlink is made, nor for the information and statements included therein.

vendomisnegocios.com does not market, direct, or previously control, or own the content, services, information and statements available on said websites.

vendomisnegocios.com does not assume any type of responsibility, not even indirectly or subsidiary, for damages of any kind that may arise from access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications , opinions, statements, products and services existing or offered on the websites not managed by vendomisnegocios.com and that are accessible through vendomisnegocios.com.

6. Terms applicable to Tenants

6.1 Reservation

By booking a Listing, you agree to pay all applicable charges, including the Vendomisnegocios service fee and any other items listed on the payment page (collectively, the “Total Price”). Upon receipt of booking confirmation, a contract for Services (a “Booking”) is formed directly between you and the Owner. In addition to these Terms, you are bound by and required to comply with all terms of the Reservation, including the cancellation policy and any other applicable rules, regulations, policies or requirements identified in the Listing or during the payment process. to the Reserve. It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules, standards, policies and requirements before booking a Listing.

6.2 Accommodation Reservations

An Accommodation Reservation constitutes a limited license to access, use and spend the night in the Accommodation. The Owner reserves the right to access the Accommodation during the Tenant's stay, provided that: i) it is reasonably necessary, ii) it is permitted by the contract between you and the Owner, and iii) it is permitted by applicable law. If you remain in the Accommodation past the check-out time, the Owner may force you to leave by legal means, including the imposition of reasonable penalties. You will not be able to exceed the maximum number of Tenants allowed.

6.3 Cancellations

Travel Setbacks, Refunds and Reservation Modifications. Cancellations, Travel Setbacks and Refunds. Generally, if you cancel a Reservation, the amount refunded will depend on the cancellation policy that applies to that Reservation. However, in certain situations, other policies prevail and these determine how much you should be reimbursed. If any cause beyond your control forces you to cancel a Reservation, you may be entitled to a partial or full refund under the Vendomisnegocios Force Majeure Policy. If the Owner cancels the Reservation or if you experience a Travel Setback (as defined in the Alternative Reservation and Refund Policy), you may be entitled to assistance in making a new Reservation or for a full or partial refund in accordance with the Alternative Reservation and Refund Policy of Vendomisnegocios. Different policies apply to certain categories of Ads; For example, Experience Reservations are governed by the Experience Participant Refund Policy and Luxe Reservations are governed by the Vendomisnegocios Luxe Alternative Reservation and Refund Policy. For more details on what these policies cover and what reimbursement applies in each situation, see each Additional Legal Term or individual policies. You can appeal this decision by contacting Vendomisnegocios customer service.

6.4 Reservation modifications

The Owners and Tenants are responsible for any reservation modifications they agree to make through the Vendomisnegocios Platform or that they order Vendomisnegocios Customer Service to make on their behalf (hereinafter, “Reservation Modifications”), and they agree to pay any additional amount, commission or tax associated with any Reservation Modification.

6.5 Tenant Responsibilities

You are responsible for your own acts and omissions, and also for the acts and omissions of any persons you invite or to whom you provide access to the Accommodation or Experience. This means, in particular: i) that you are responsible for leaving the Accommodation (and the corresponding personal property) in the same condition in which it was found on arrival, ii) you are responsible for paying all corresponding amounts of Damage Claims and Damages that need to be paid to cover any damage you, your guests or your pets cause to an Accommodation, and iii) you must act with integrity, treat others with respect and comply with applicable laws at all times. If you are booking for an additional minor guest or bringing a minor, you must be legally authorized to act on behalf of the minor and will be the sole person responsible for their supervision.

7. Terms applicable to Owners

7.1 Host

As a host, Vendomisnegocios offers you the right to use the Vendomisnegocios Platform to share your Accommodation, Experience or other Host Service with our dynamic community of Tenants, and earn money doing so. Creating a Listing is very easy, and you will decide at all times how you want to host, set the price, availability and rules of each Listing.

7.2 Contracting with Tenants

As an Owner, when you accept a reservation request or receive a reservation confirmation through the Vendomisnegocios Platform, you enter into a contract directly with the Tenant, and you are the person responsible for providing the Service under the conditions and at the price specified in your Advertisement. Vendomisnegocios Payments will deduct amounts owed to Vendomisnegocios from the Collections you must receive, unless you agree with Vendomisnegocios on a different method. The terms or conditions that you include in any complementary contract with the Tenant: i) must be in accordance with these Terms. You must also agree to the Additional Legal Terms, Policies and information provided in your Listing, and (ii) they will be prominently disclosed in the description of your Listing.

7.3 Independence from the Owner. Your relationship with Vendomisnegocios is that of an independent person or entity and not that of an employee, agent, participant or partner of Vendomisnegocios, with the sole exception that Vendomisnegocios Payments acts as a collection agent in accordance with the Payment Terms. Vendomisnegocios does not direct or control your Owner Service, and you understand that you may, in your sole discretion, decide if, when, and at what price you provide the Owner Services, and under what conditions.

8. Ad Management

8.1 Ad Creation and Management

The Vendomisnegocios Platform offers tools that facilitate the configuration and management of Ads. Your Listing must include complete and accurate information about the Owner Service, the price, other charges such as cleaning fees, resort fees, commissions paid outside the online platform, and any rules or requirements applicable to the Tenants or the Listing. Responsibility for your actions and inactions rests solely with you, and you also have the responsibility to always include accurate information in your Listing and keep it up to date (including availability dates on the calendar) and content (such as photos). We recommend that you take out appropriate insurance for your Services offered and that you carefully study the policy conditions, such as coverage and exclusions.

8.2 Know your legal obligations

You are responsible for understanding and complying with all laws, rules, regulations and contracts with third parties that are applicable to your Listings or Services offered. For example, some homeowners and landlords, or the bylaws of homeowner and condominium associations, restrict or prohibit subletting, short-term rentals, or long-term stays. Some cities have zoning regulations or other laws that restrict short-term rentals of residential properties. Some jurisdictions require Owners to register and obtain a permit or license before providing certain Services (such as short-term rentals, long-term rentals, food preparation, sale of alcoholic beverages, guided tours or use of vehicles). In some locations, these Services you wish to offer may be prohibited. In some jurisdictions it is mandatory to register hosted Tenants. In certain locations, laws apply that grant tenant rights to Tenants and impose additional obligations on Landlords. For example, in the case of long stays, regulations may apply that regulate leases, rentals or evictions. It is important to inform yourself of local legislation to know the regime applicable to the Services you plan to offer. The information provided by Vendomisnegocios regarding applicable legislation is for guidance purposes only; You have the responsibility to inform yourself about your obligations. You also have the obligation to manage and use the personal data of Tenants and other persons in accordance with data protection legislation and these Terms, including the Privacy Rules for Vendomisnegocios Owners. If you have any questions about how local law applies, you should seek legal advice.

8.3 Your responsibilities as Owner

You are responsible for your own acts and omissions, and also for the acts and omissions of any person whom you allow to participate in the provision of your Services as an Owner. Likewise, it is up to you to set the price and establish the rules and requirements of your Listing. You must detail each and every commission and charge in the Listing description and may not charge any additional commission or charge outside of the Vendomisnegocios Platform, except as expressly authorized by the policy on commissions paid outside of the Vendomisnegocios platform. You must not encourage Tenants to create third-party accounts, write reviews, provide their contact information or take other actions outside the Vendomisnegocios Platform in violation of the Use Policy outside the Vendomisnegocios Platform.

8.4 Cancellations, Travel Setbacks and Reservation Modifications

Cancellations and Travel Setbacks. Generally, when a Renter cancels a reservation, the amount you receive depends on the cancellation policy that applies to that reservation. As the Owner, you must not cancel a Tenant's reservation without justified cause in accordance with the Vendomisnegocios Force Majeure Policy or applicable legislation. If you cancel a reservation without justified cause, Vendomisnegocios may impose a penalty for the cancellation or take other measures. If i) a Tenant experiences a Travel Setback (as defined in the Alternative Reservation and Refund Policy), ii) a Force Majeure Event occurs or iii) a reservation is canceled pursuant to Section 13 of these Terms , the amount paid to you will be reduced by the amount refunded or provided to the Tenant and any other reasonable costs that Vendomisnegocios incurs as a result of the cancellation. If a Tenant receives a refund after you have collected, or if the amount of the refund and other expenses incurred by Vendomisnegocios exceed the amount of the collection that you must receive, Vendomisnegocios (through Vendomisnegocios Payments) may claim said amount from you, if applicable. accurate, offsetting it with future Collections. You agree that the Alternative Reservation and Refund Policy, the Force Majeure Policy and these Terms will take precedence over the cancellation policy you have established when they allow you to cancel a Reservation or refund payments to Tenants. When Vendomisnegocios reasonably expects to refund a payment to a Tenant under one of these policies, it may withhold any collection corresponding to said Reserve until a decision on the refund is made. If you are an Experience Owner, you should be aware that your Reservations are governed by the Experience Cancellation Policy and the Experience Participant Refund Policy, and may be subject to cancellation fees and other consequences. Each policy specifies the applicable coverage and the corresponding charge in each situation. You can appeal this decision by contacting Vendomisnegocios customer service.

8.5 Reservation Modifications

The Owners and Tenants are responsible for any Reservation Modifications they agree to make through the Vendomisnegocios Platform or that they order Vendomisnegocios customer service to make on their behalf, and they agree to pay any additional amount, commission or tax associated with any Modification. of the reserve.

8.6 Commissions

Vendomisnegocios may charge commissions (and applicable taxes) to Owners and Tenants for the use of the Vendomisnegocios Platform. Applicable commissions are communicated to Owners before publishing an advertisement and to Renters before booking. For more information about the cases in which service fees are applied and how they are calculated, consult this Vendomisnegocios page. Unless otherwise provided on the Vendomisnegocios Platform, service fees are non-refundable.

9. Rules of the Vendomisnegocios Platform

9.1 Standards. You must comply with these rules and must not assist or induce others to violate or circumvent them. Act with integrity and treat others with respect. Do not lie, distort the truth about something or someone or impersonate another person. Act politely and respectfully when communicating or interacting with others. Respect the Vendomisnegocios Anti-Discrimination Policy and not discriminate or harass other people. Do not scrape data or reverse engineer, hack, compromise or undermine the Vendomisnegocios Platform. Do not use bots, crawlers, scrapers or other automated means to access or collect data or other content from the Vendomisnegocios Platform or otherwise interact with it. Do not hack, avoid, eliminate, undermine or attempt to circumvent any technological or security measures used to protect the Platform or the Vendomisnegocios Content. Not decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software or hardware used to offer the Vendomisnegocios Platform. Not take any measure that could damage or impair the performance or correct functioning of the Vendomisnegocios Platform. Always use the Vendomisnegocios Platform in accordance with these Terms or other agreements with Vendomisnegocios. Use the personal data of other Members exclusively to the extent necessary to facilitate a transaction through the Vendomisnegocios Platform and in accordance with these Terms. Do not use the Vendomisnegocios Platform, its messaging tools or the personal data of Members to send commercial messages without their express consent. Use the Content available on the Vendomisnegocios Platform exclusively to the extent necessary to enable your own use of the Vendomisnegocios Platform as a Tenant or Owner. Do not use the Content unless you have permission from the owner of the Content or the use is authorized by these Terms or other agreements with Vendomisnegocios. Do not require or encourage Tenants to open an account, write a review or otherwise interact with third-party websites, applications or services before, during or after a reservation, without the authorization of Vendomisnegocios. Do not intervene in practices that seek to manipulate the Vendomisnegocios search algorithm. Do not use, copy, display, mirror or frame the Vendomisnegocios Platform, its Content, the Vendomisnegocios brands or any format or page design without the consent of Vendomisnegocios. Comply with your legal obligations. Understand and respect the laws applicable to you, including privacy, data protection and export laws. If you provide us with personal data of other people: i) you must do so in accordance with applicable legislation, ii) you must have the necessary authorization to do so and iii) you must authorize Vendomisnegocios to process the data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Read and comply with the Terms, Additional Legal Terms, policies and regulations of Vendomisnegocios. Do not organize or facilitate unauthorized parties or events. You are responsible for any parties or events that occur during your reservation that violate our party and event policy. Do not use the name, logo, brand image or registered trademarks of Vendomisnegocios or other persons without authorization, and only use them in accordance with our Rules on the use of the Vendomisnegocios brand. Do not use or register any domain name, social media identifier, trade name, trademark, brand image, logo or other identifier of origin that could be confused with the Vendomisnegocios brand. Not offer Owner Services that violate the legislation or agreements applicable to you. Do not offer or solicit prostitution and do not participate in or facilitate human trafficking.

9.2 Reporting infringements

If you believe that another Member, Ad or Content poses an imminent risk of harm to a person or property, you must immediately contact local authorities before contacting Vendomisnegocios. Likewise, if you consider that another Member, Ad or Content violates the Vendomisnegocios Rules, you must inform Vendomisnegocios of this. If you have filed a complaint with local authorities, Vendomisnegocios may request a copy of said complaint. Unless required by law, Vendomisnegocios will have no obligation to take action in response to any complaint.

9.3 Copyright notices

If you consider that any Content on the Vendomisnegocios Platform violates certain copyrights, you must notify Vendomisnegocios in accordance with its Copyright Policy.

10. Modification of these Terms

When we propose changes to these Terms, we will post the new Terms on the Vendomisnegocios Platform and update the “Last updated” date in the header. Vendomisnegocios will inform you of the modifications by email at least thirty (30) days in advance before they come into effect. If the proposed changes to these Terms are material, you will be asked to explicitly agree to the revised Terms. Such notice will also inform you of your right to reject the proposed changes, the deadline for doing so, and your right to terminate the contract at any time before the effective date of the proposed changes as provided in these Terms. In case of i) non-substantial changes to these Terms that do not affect their essential provisions, in particular, provisions defining the nature and scope of the Services provided by Vendomisnegocios or ii) changes that are required by law, a court decision legally binding order or binding order of a competent authority, your continued use of the Services after the effective date of the proposed changes will constitute acceptance of the revised Terms.

11. The role of Vendomisnegocios

Vendomisnegocios offers you the right to use a platform that allows Members to publish, offer, search and reserve Services as an Owner. When Members make or accept a reservation, they enter into a contract directly between themselves. Vendomisnegocios is not a party or otherwise involved in the contractual relationship between the Members. Vendomisnegocios does not act as an agent of any Member. Although Vendomisnegocios does everything in its power to ensure that its Members enjoy using it, it does not and cannot control the conduct or good work of Tenants and Owners and does not guarantee i) the existence, quality, safety, suitability or legality of any Advertisement or Service of the Owner or ii) the truth or accuracy of the descriptions of the Advertisements, Reviews and other Content contributed by Members. You acknowledge that Vendomisnegocios has no general obligation to monitor the use of the Vendomisnegocios Platform and verify the information provided by Members, but does have the right to review, disable access to, delete or edit Content to: i) manage, protect and improve the Vendomisnegocios Platform (including for fraud prevention, risk assessment, investigation and customer service purposes); ii) ensure compliance with these Terms by Members; iii) comply with applicable legislation or with judicial requirements or police, administrative or governmental authorities; iv) act on Member Content that is deemed harmful or objectionable; v) take the measures provided for in these Terms, and vi) maintain and enforce any applicable quality criteria or requirements, including removing Listings that do not meet such criteria and requirements. When Vendomisnegocios deletes or disables Content, it will notify the Member explaining the reasons for such measure, unless the notification i) prevents or hinders the detection or prevention of fraud or other illegal activities, ii) affects the legitimate interests of other Members or third parties, or iii) is contrary to applicable legislation. You can appeal this decision by contacting our customer service. The Member agrees to cooperate and assist Vendomisnegocios in good faith, and to provide information and take such measures as Vendomisnegocios reasonably requires with respect to any investigation that Vendomisnegocios undertakes in relation to the use or misuse of the Vendomisnegocios Platform.

12. Member Accounts

You must create an account in order to access and enjoy the multiple functions of the Vendomisnegocios Platform. Registration is only permitted for legal entities, associations and individuals who are at least 18 years of age. You declare and guarantee that you are not a natural or legal person who is prohibited by the laws of Spain, your place of residence or any other applicable jurisdiction from using the Vendomisnegocios Platform. You must provide true, current and complete information during registration and you must always keep this information up to date. You cannot transfer your account to another person. The responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality and security of your access data to the Vendomisnegocios account falls exclusively on you, and you will not be able to reveal said information to any third party. If you suspect that your login details have been lost, stolen, or that your account has been otherwise compromised, you must notify Vendomisnegocios immediately. Responsibility for all activities carried out with your Vendomisnegocios account will fall exclusively on you, unless such activities have not been authorized by you and you have not acted negligently (for example, not having reported unauthorized use or loss of your access data). If permitted by applicable law, Vendomisnegocios may, in its sole discretion, i) ask you to provide identification data or other information; ii) carry out checks in order to verify your identity or background; iii) check your information against third party databases or other sources and request reports from service providers, and iv) obtain reports from public criminal records or sex offender registries or their local equivalents.

13. Right of exclusion

Vendomisnegocios reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and/or the services offered without prior notice, at its own request or that of a third party, to those users who fail to comply with these General Conditions of Use.


vendomisnegocios.com reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and / or the services offered without prior notice, at its own request or from a third party, to those users who fail to comply with these General Conditions of Use.


vendomisnegocios.com will pursue the breach of these conditions as well as any improper use of its website by exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond by law.


vendomisnegocios.com may modify the conditions determined here at any time, being duly published as they appear here. The validity of the aforementioned conditions will depend on their exposure and will be in force until they are modified by others duly published.


vendomisnegocios.com informs that there is a contact form to send claims and doubts available to users, being able to be sent in case of having a technical or other problem as well as solving questions and stating the reasons for their claim.


The relationship between vendomisnegocios.com and the USER will be governed by current Spanish regulations and any dispute will be submitted.
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