Meeting point for sellers

Here you will find all the information to start selling. Once you have registered you can use all the VendomisNegocios's tools. To achieve good results you need to create quality ads and be professional for any problems that may arise, so we want to help you with information on the most important issues. Prepare to be a great seller and develop your business with professionalism.

Sell an item

You want to start now? Just press "Add an ad" at the top of any page in VendomisNegocios or from your user panel. You need to create an account to publish ads, if you're still not a VendomisNegocios user, sign up and follow the steps to create an account . Types of accounts.

If you prefer, you can also use the VendomisNegocios app to list items from your smartphone or tablet. Our app will help you to be connected at all times and not leave any message unanswered or publish ads from anywhere.


Put items up for sale using the VendomisNegocios app

- You can include images directly

You can take photos of the article directly from the app or add photos that you have already stored on your device in the ad. Our app includes almost all the tools that our website has so that you can be successful always carrying us in your pocket.

- Add ads

This is the most important feature. The function allows users to post ads through our app in one step, that is, the user can select a category, add a title, a description and upload photos taken with their mobile device or already saved. Remember that in VendomisNegocios you can publish standard ads for free in an unlimited way.
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